Curaçao, 3 januari 2023 | Geachte gast, The Pearl of the Caribbean is in december 2022 begonnen met de bouw van 9 ruime, luxe ingerichte 3-kamer bungalows. De bouw zal in 3 fases worden afgerond voor eind mei 2023. Lees meer ►


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Beach Hopping

This excursion brings you to the west side of Curaçao, where many of the island's pristine and stunning beaches are located nestled among the hilly landscapes. Make a stop at Shete Boka National Park and walk out to Boka Tabla, an inlet where huge waves thunder into an underground cavern, and watch the surf roll into the caves.
In the afternoon, you will visit Playa Piska- do, Playa Forti, and the white-sand Knip Beach.
During your return, stop by Jan Kok to see flocks of flamingos standing atop wide salt pans.

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Pick-up point: Client’s Hotel Pick up time: At 11 am (may vary) Return time: At 5: 00 pm. (may vary) Daily

Bar Hopping

Have a drink while your personal tour guide drives you to top loca- tions, visiting many nightlife spots on the island.

This is a nice way guests can experi- ence the local nightlife.
You will be visiting some local pubs; among others Netto Bar in Otro- banda with the famous green rum. Have a night walk in Riffort village and enjoy a piano entertainment band.
Visit De Heeren, Omundo, Miles Jazz café and Mundo Bizarro. We will have a stop at St Tropez night club.

Let’s enjoy a night out!

Pick-up point: Client’s Hotel Pick-up time: At 9:30pm. Return time: At 1:30am. Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
Pubs visited may vary according to the day.

Does not include refreshments alcohol or food.

Temples, Museums & Palaces

Visit colonial Forts that protected islanders from invading pirates. Fort Amsterdam, Fort Nassau, Fort Beekenburg, Rif Fort, Waterfort, large old churches and the oldest synagogue in the western hemi- sphere.
Also visit the Curaçao Museum and the Kura Hulanda Museum.

Pick-up point: Client’s Hotel Pick-up time: At 11 am (may vary) Return time : At 4: 00 pm. (may vary) Daily

Does not include refreshments, alcohol, or food.

Does not include entrance tickets to museums which amounts to about $50 per person.


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